Guild of Glass Engravers

The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.

Member Profile

Geoff Thwaites
Cambridge Cambs
Telephone: 0122 335 7040

Geoff Thwaites has been engraving glass for over 25 years and it has been his main activity for the last 20.  He was elected a Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers in 2000.

He works on a scale from goblets and tankards to doors and windows.  Work often includes lettering but can also include illustrative elements.  Colour can be included by fusing in the kiln or using a collage technique.  He has engraved trophies, retirement presents and doors for both churches and private houses.

He also exhibits widely.  His exhibiton work is largely experimental. He usually makes his own pieces of glass for exhibitions by kiln-forming.  These may then be engraved, deep cut and/or carved to produce sculptural works.  The work is largely abstract but based on natural forms. 


Engraving Techniques
Drill, Diamond wheel