Guild of Glass Engravers

The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.

Member Profile

Lisabeth Sterling
Telephone: 001 206 226 3289
Born in Chicago with my formative years in rural Michigan, I attended the Pennsylvania Acadamy of Fine Arts and the University of Arts. I took glass blowing classes in Minneapolis and learned a number of other techniques at the Pilchuck Glass School. In the summer of 1992 I was a teaching assistant to Judith Schaecter at Pilchuk, it was she who introduced me to my first engraving tool and from then on it was nothing but engraving for me. Engraved cameo glass has the emotional impact of transmitted coloured light combined with drawing. I was and am still drawing with light.

Work can be found in galleries in the USA:
Ken Saunders Gallery in Chicago IL, Habatat Gallery in West Palm Beach FL, Hawk Gallery in Columbus OH, Schantz Gallery in Stockbridge MA, Holsten Gallery online
Gallery in Europe:
Galerie De Twee Pauwen in Den Haag Holland

Paul Stankard commissioned a vessel based upon a poem by Walt Whitman - Old Ireland. The result was a tall glass vase of greenish blue over yellow glass. With images of traditional Irish culture, New York in the 1890s and the people of those times.

Another commission showed important events and family members of a collectors family. The result was a portrait that represented both her inner and public life.


Engraving Techniques
vessels - sandblasted and drill engraved, blown cameo glass
wall pieces - sandblasted and drill engraved white cameo glass over etched copper