Guild of Glass Engravers

The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.

Member Profile

Ami Kitsuda
I became interested in the glass stippling technique after seeing a friends work in 1996. Having spoken to him about it, I went on to learn the technique through self study. Now an instructor of the Tokyo Glass Art Institute in charge of Point engraving. 
I published a book on the technique of Stipple engraving and Line engraving from the Japanese publishing company in 2008. ( 
I became a Fellow member in 2019.
Each year I join some other artists for several art exhibitions. 


Engraving Techniques
Stipple, Line, Drill, Satin effect engraving