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Dominic Fonde

Dominic Fondé is a professional glass artist who has been working with blown and engraved glass art since the mid 1990’s. He has many of his artworks in public and private collections in the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore and Japan where he makes his home. His public commissions notably include a series of engraved art glass windows at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Dominic was for many years the only professional glass engraver working in Singapore and was featured on Media Corp TV programs "On The Beat" and “Knockout”.


Dominic became fascinated with the technique of drill engraving while working in London for glass artist Steven Newell in the late 1990's. Drill engraving offered him the opportunity to marry his two passions, glass and story telling. Initially his short stories, inscribed directly onto the surface of glass vessels, were science fiction and fantasy-based efforts but over time he began to explore the emotional weight that objects such as vases, wine glasses and paperweights have in people’s lives. These items might be fine craft objects or simply nick knacks picked up at a rummage sale, never the less they become of crucial emotional importance to people and their sudden loss can be a dramatic and devastating moment.


Dominic has also worked as a curator, or as he puts it a catalyst for collaborations between artists. “Birdsong” was a project developed with his long time friend, glass artist Kathryn Pearce. It started with the notion of birds sitting on telephone wires creating an image reminiscent of sheet music. Music is an international form of communication and so Dominic and Kathryn collaborated with two artists from Toyama Glass Studio in Japan. It was a chance for Dominic to push his drawing skills to the fore. He created a series of engraved bird images focusing on owls and crows. This show in turn led to his solo exhibition in Thailand, “The Feather and the Shadow” in which his engravings of owls are lit in such a way as to render the glass invisible and the engraved line as a shadow on the wall. This is a very modern take on a technique with a long history and tradition and highlights Dominic's understanding of his medium.


Early 2014 saw a new phase in Dominic’s career when he realised a long held ambition to live in Japan. He relocated to Kobe with his wife and established a home studio where he engraves and writes. A final exhibition was held in Singapore in collaboration with the Japan Creative Centre. This show, “Ten Nights of Dream” was an exploration of the short stories of the same name by Japanese writer Natsume Soseki and featured collaborations with a number of artists.


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