Rimona Kogan

Rimona is studying the Glassengraver Apprenticeship at the Workshop Inge Gerner Glasgravur, Citadel Spandau, Berlin.

‘I am an avid fan of Greek mythology and have studied it since I was a child. When we were gathering ideas for Making Your Mark we had to look at what I could do as I have only started engraving about 6 months ago. One of the things I had been practicing rigorously was grapes and spirals and so the idea of a vineyard was born. Now I wanted to incorporate one of my favourite stories from Greek mythology: The story of Dionysus the God of Wine. How he was hidden on Mount Nysa by his father Zeus and how Hera sent the Titans after him... It became the main theme of my piece.

I also wanted to show with my work that from simple cuts one can still make a piece of art. That you don't have to be a master of 20 years and that creativity will get you everywhere.

I wanted to comment on the current state of glass engraving. I believe that recycling is and will continue to play a huge part in this craft. That glass is something we don't need to just recycle, but can actually upcycle and make more of it. Make art out of it!’


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 Rimona Kogan - Mount NysaMount Nysa 2021, 40 x 13.7dia Recycled wine bottle engraved using a stone wheel
 Rimona Kogan - Vineyard - detail Vineyard Detail.
 Rimona Kogan - Olympia - detail Olympia Detail. Sandblasted tetrahedron.