Christian Straub

Congratulations to Christian – winner of the David Peace Prize 2021!

Christian Straub was born in Zwiesel and lives in Lindberb in the Bavarian forest, Germany. Straub is nineteen years old and will finish his education as a glass engraver this summer at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel.

‘At the beginning, when I applied for Making Your Mark, I didn't really know what kind of mark I would like to use because so many ideas and problems came to mind.  For me this was shocking because I couldn't decide and I also noticed that all my thoughts and ideas were about the sad reality that we humans have created.  I was missing something positive in my work - good news, so to speak.  I started my piece, I incorporated all the topics that came to my mind as long as there was still enough space.  At some point I peeked from above at my glass vase packed with negative facts and saw that one no longer noticed all these topics when viewed from above, that's when the idea came to me.  From a distance, the earth, our home, looks completely unimpressed by everything people have done to it. It was there a long time before us and will still be after us as long as we don't mess with mother nature, so we should all take care of that together. We value our homeland and we are happy to be able to live here.’


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 Christian Straub - Glass Graffiti Glass Graffiti 2021, 17cm H Engraving created using diamond cutting and polishing wheels 
 Christian Straub - Glass Graffiti - detail 1 Detail of Glass Graffiti 2021
 Christian Straub - Glass Graffiti - detail 2 Detail of Glass Graffiti 2021