Moonju Suh

Congratulations to Moonju – Runner up David Peace Prize 2021!

‘In 2021, I was awarded an MFA Glass from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. My background is in graphic Visual Communication Design, with a particular focus on drawing characters. During my MFA study, I took an interdisciplinary approach to develop my artistic work by combining two different disciplines of Graphic Illustration and Glass. Through this approach, I was able to develop my art from a creative, hybrid perspective which is different from traditional studio glass artists. My research interests are drawn from contrasting emotional states and how they can be expressed in glass, a unique artistic medium. I also explored playfulness within my creative practice by taking a kitschy approach in developing my glass artworks.

Sentimental Kidults (Blown glass overlay, cameo cut, sandblasted & engraved, 2019) is a work composed of a total of four engraved glass sculptures. Each piece reflects my true feelings, which are usually hidden because of the societal fear of being judged by others, within glass.’


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 Moonju Suh - Sentimental Kidults Sentimental Kidults 2019, 19 x 25cm Engraved by deep sand blasting and using a pendant drill.
Glasma and Kugler colour blown glass. Gaffer Crystal casting for decorative flowers.
 Moonju Suh - Sentimental Kidults - detail 1 Detail of Sentimental Kidults 2019
 Moonju Suh - Sentimental Kidults - detail 2 Detail of Sentimental Kidults 2019