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The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.

21st century Engraved Glass Exhibition 2017, Stourbridge
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 C Ainslie - Eve Time Chris Ainslie FGE
Eve Time
Framed panel 25x25 cm
Engraved Glass & Silver Enamel Fired SB/FD
 Chris Ainslie - Point of View Chris Ainslie FGE
Point of View

Framed panel 25x25 cm

Engraved Glass & Silver Enamel Fired SB/FD
 Chris Ainslie - Samba Samba Chris Ainslie FGE
Samba Samba

Framed panel 25x25 cm

Engraved Glass & Silver Enamel Fired SB/FD
Susan Bloch - Convergence Susan Bloch CM

Panel in stand 33cm
 S Burne - Xanadu Sue Burne AFGE

Clear vase with overlays of Amethyst and turquoise glass
 S Burne - The Flowers of the Earth Sue Burne AFGE
The flowers of the earth
Large 33% lead crystal bowl
Sue Burne - Rockpool Sue Burne AFGE
Rock Pool
Pebble' series large clear lead crystal bowl

 Pavlina Cambalova - Sleeper 1 Pavlina Cambalova AFGE
Sleeper 1
 Pavlina Cambalova - Sleeper 2 Pavlina Cambalova AFGE
Sleeper 2
 Pavlina Cambalova - Sleeper 3  Pavlina Cambalova AFGE
Sleeper 3
Rosie Campbell - African waterhole Rosie Campbell CM
African water hole
Rosie Campbell - Swallows Rosie Campbell CM
Swallow in flight
V Cavallero - Icaro Vanessa Cavallero CM
Julian Cole - Vinum bonum Julian Cole AFGE
Vinum Bonum
Decanter 21cm
Julian Cole - Fruit Julian Cole AFGE
Bowl 17cm
Julian Cole - Well of love Julian Cole AFGE
A Well of Love
Dish 38cm
  Phil Dorman - Summertime   Phil Dorman AFGE
Summer Time
Bowl 13cm
Phil Dorman - William Morris Phil Dorman AFGE
William Morris

Goblet 17cm

 M Dyszkiewicz  - Amazonia Maciej Dyszkiewicz CM
 Maciej Dyszkiewicz - Oceanic Recycler Maciej Dyszkiewicz CM
Oceanic Recycler
 Maciej Dyszkiewicz - Atmospheric Maciej Dyszkiewicz CM
Junko Eager - Water Reflection Junko Eager AFGE
Water Reflection 1
Bullseye glass panel, engraved & painted 26x34.5x0.5cm
Fused under artist's specification Marc Peters

Junko Eager - Swimming girls Junko Eager AFGE Swimming Girls
Vase  10 x 5.5 x 14.5cm
Patrick Stem
Diminic Fonde - Old Pond Dominic Fondé AFGE
Old pond frogs jumped in sound of water
Drill engraved plate with motif of jumping frogs 30cm 
Margaret Foster - Feather Disc Margaret Foster CM
Feather Disc
Disc 20cm
Optical Glass
M Foster - Green apple bowl Margaret Foster CM Green Apple Bowl
Bowl 14cm
Inside coloured case and outside powder coat
Iestyn davies SB/FD
Margaret Foster - Iris Disc Margaret Foster CM
Iris Disc
Disc 28cm
Coloured casing, blue over ruby
Jonathan Harris - MulticoreTulips Jonathan Harris FGE
Multicore Tulips
Intrisic cameo sand carved on the inside of the vessel
Ami Kitsuda - Momiji Ami Kitsuda AFGE
Sake bottle 
Red overlay glass
Ami Kitsuda - Sakura Ami Kitsuda AFGE

Amanda Lawrence - Only the smallest rarest snail Amanda Lawrence FGE
Lauria Sempronii:  The Smallest, Rarest Snail
Brooch by Elain Day
Amanda Lawrence - Windows on another world Amanda Lawrence FGE
Windows On Another World
Kiln-formed and engraved sculpture 34cm
Amanda Lawrence -  The Pheasant and the BottleFlies Amanda Lawrence FGE
The Pheasant and the Bottle Flies (Life and Death in Slad Valley)
Kiln-formed and engraved bowl with fused, engraved and enamelled bottle flies
Gill Mannings Cox - Cold till tomorrow

Gill Manning Cox FGE
Cold till tomorrow
Bowl 64 cm wide
Edvin technique; carving

Gill Mannings Cox - Bride Gill Manning Cox FGE
Closed bowl 36cm high

Graal; hot casts; inclusions

Gill Mannings Cox - The Eighth Sea Gill Manning Cox FGE
The Eighth Sea
Bowl 30cm high

Graal with inclusions

R Nojima - Seven Lucky Beer Leaves
Reiko F Nojima CM

Seven Lucky Beer Leaves

Reiko Nojima - Existence Reiko F Nojima CM Existence
Pendant,with 24K guilding Uroboros
  Les Pyke - Insouciance Lesley Pyke CM
Lead crystal cullet
Wilma van Rees - Equality 02-11 Wilma van Rees CM
Equality 02-11

Wilma van Rees - Equality 07-11 Wilma van Rees CM
Equality 07-11

Wilma van Rees - Wisdom is a smile Wilma van Rees CM
Wisdom is in a smile

 Nick Rutherford - Ladies with mirrors Nicholas Rutherford FGE
Ladies with mirrors
Blue cased glass dish & curved metal mirror
  Nick Rutherford - Bookworld Nicholas Rutherford FGE
Rectangular block
  Nick Rutherford - Lighthouse Nicholas Rutherford FGE
Oval goblet
 Guerana Sabkova - I am the universe Guergana Sabkova CM
I am the universe

 Guergana Sabkova  - Madame Bovary Guergana Sabkova CM
Madame Bovary

 Guergana Sabkova  - Waterdrops Guergana Sabkova CM
Water Drops
M Seguso - Spring Matteo Seguso AFGE
Goblet 15cm x 11cm

Tracey Sheppard - Upon Reflection Tracey Sheppard FGE
Upon Reflection
Panel in slate base
Sandblast and resin

Tracey Sheppard - A Weed Is... Tracey Sheppard FGE
A weed is ...
Bowl 22cm
Drill engraved
Blown by N Wilkin

Tracey Sheppard - Of Cabbages and Kings Tracey Sheppard FGE
Cabbages and Kings
Paperweight 15cm
Drill engraved
Glass by Hadeland

Sandra Snaddon - Windy day again Sandra Snaddon  FGE
Windy Day Again
Vase Height 19cm
Sandra Snaddon - Horsing  around Sandra Snaddon FGE Horsing Around
Plate Diameter 20cm
Val St Lambert
Sandra Snaddon - Harvesting for lunch Sandra Snaddon FGE Harvesting for lunch
Vase Height 9cm
Lisabeth Sterling - A rapidly beating heart Lisabeth Sterling FGE
A rapidly beating heart

Nancy Sutcliffe -  Beebop Nancy Sutcliffe FGE
Optical Crystal Sculptural Object with Inscribed 22CT Gold Leaf
Nancy Sutcliffe - Dragonflies Nancy Sutcliffe FGE
Optical Crystal Sculptural Object with Inscribed 22CT Gold Leaf
Nancy Sutcliffe - Flutter Nancy Sutcliffe FGE
Optical Crystal Sculptural Object with Inscribed 22CT Gold, Pink Silver and Silver leaf
Geoff Thwaites - Dancers Geoff Thwaites FGE
Geoff Thwaites - Life's but a walking shadow Geoff Thwaites FGE
Life's but a walking shadow
3 vertical panels 6mm 
Winner of Christopher Russell Lettering Prize
G Thwaites - Dancer Geoff Thwaites FGE
Vertical panel 6mm rolled glass
 Ivana Zivkovic - Heavenly Beauty Ivana Zivkovic CM
Heavenly Beauty

Ivana Zivkovic - Touch of Life Ivana Zivkovic CM
Touch of Life




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