Winner of the 2018 overseas exhibition



Ivana Živković - Feather


Ivana Živković - Tiger


Ivana Živković - Touch of Life


Ivana Živković - Heavenly Beauty

Ivana - Why glass?

When I look at glass, I have a need to express myself, my thoughts and my feelings by touching (engraving) glass, which is so fragile and at the same time so strong, just as life itself is.

What made you take up glass engraving?

Looking for the natural duality in glass, the reflection of passive and active, imagining the particles from the universe from which we have all been created, wearing both the male and female principles, light and dark, Sun and Moon, I find my inspiration.

Where did you learn the techniques, is there a strong interest in glass in Serbia?

When I fell in love with glass and this technique, I didn't have the opportunity to learn it from someone who teaches it, because in Serbia, where I come from, there are no real schools or colleges for this kind of art. I tried my best to teach myself how to express myself through the art of glass engraving. Now, after about ten years of engraving I am using almost all glass engraving techniques, but mostly I choose to work with stipple and flexible drive engraving. With these techniques I make almost realistic stories on glass.

What was the thinking behind the piece "Feather"?

In my piece "Feather", through solidarity, desire and the will of two beings, I tried to show that there is no obstacle even to go together to the Moon.

What excites you about the medium?

Working on glass fulfils me and I am truly happy because I am sure that through glass engraving I will go on finding the light in the most beautiful possible way until the end of my life.