Guild of Glass Engravers

The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.

Where to learn it - other courses

The Creative Glass Guild are running glass courses in Bristol in a variety of  disciplines.
Broaden your exploration of glass working.  

Weekend courses are run covering a whole range of workings.
Stained glass,

  • fusing glass,
  • slumping glass,
  • fused jewellery
  • glass and a whole lot more.                               

 Good value for money and excellent facilities. See for further details.

Bild-Werk-Frauenau, Bavaria, Germany

Bild-Werk-Frauenau is an international forum for Culture, Art and Education, A stage for Music, and fantasy, And a border situated international meeting point situated in the Bavarian Forest in Germany. Glass art is at the centre of the courses at the International Summer Academy and the Bild-Werk Frauenau workshops. Alongside glass courses, painting, printing, ceramic sculpture, wood and bronze, mixed media, installation, film, theatre and voice workshops have been offered over the years. The Academy attracts artists and art enthusiasts from many countries in Europe as well as from overseas.
There are lots of engraving courses offered in 2019 at Bild-werk academy, for both wheel and drill/dremel engraving. Bild-werk is a unique experience in a beautiful setting in the glass town of Frauenau, Bavaria. You can take inspiration from the countryside, the world class Glass Museum and the Eisch gallery in the town and develop your skills in this wonderful environment.

Dates of the International Summer Academy 2019:

Spring Academy: 8th June - 15th June 2019
Summer Academy A: 3rd July - 19th July 2019
Summer Academy B: 31st July - 16th August 2019
Late Summer Extra: 31st August - 7th September 2019

The course programme will be published online in December, the printed course catalogue will be published in January 2019.