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The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.

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Branch - Northern

Northern Branch Officers
Chairman - Dawn Douglas

Secretary - Sandra Snaddon
Treasurer - Pat Gauntlett

Our meeting on the 24 November, was an away day to Masham Church to see the engraved window  that Jenny Stourton and Sandra Snaddon had just completed.  We then visited Urdale Glass Blowers, before enjoying an organised lunch and heading back to Patrick Brompton for the afternoons engraving.

Jim — the Church Warden —  welcomed us to the Church and arranged  soft drinks and biscuits for us.  He was happy to answer any questions about the church and the window, (which he was delighted with).   All thought the window was excellent.

We all enjoyed a short visit to Urdale Glass Blowers, two minutes away from the Church.  They were not blowing glass on that day, but Tim showed us his work area and said he was working on slumping glass.

Sandra had booked tables for us at the local café, and as we had pre ordered our meal choices, food was quickly served.

All members arrived back at Patrick Brompton Hall at 13.00.  A quick meeting was held, were Pat (our Treasurer) advised us that she would have to hand over the reins at the next meeting, due to a probability of not being physically able to drive.  Pat has been our excellent Treasurer for many, many years.

The activity for the afternoon was actioned by Sandra.  We were given a glass coaster and asked to engrave a balloon with a string tied to it.    The balloon had to be smooth, with clean edges and obviously round.  This meant using stones, rubbers and various types of diamond burrs for good effects.  Some excellent balloons were engraved.

The final action to a busy interesting day was the result of the Christmas design competition. The winner was Judith Gill.       

An excellent day was had by all.


Future meetings

9 March 2019       AGM

29/30 June         Weekend tutorial with Amanda Lawrence.

We always welcome visitors to our branch meetings, which are usually held in Patrick Brompton Church Hall, Nr Bedale from 11.00 - 4pm. 


Contact: Sandra Snaddon
Tel: 01748 812062