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Where to see engraving - England North East

Northumberland  Rothbury Community Hospital

Glass Art for Rothbury Community Hospital Autumn 2006. Claudia Phipps, a Sunderland based glass maker has recently completed an ambitious set of artworks for Rothbury Community Hospital. These include a stained glass window for the reception, a sculpture in the corridor, and small panels for some of the rooms. The aim is to create a welcoming atmosphere in the new hospital. Working with local schools in Rothbury and Thropton, Claudia developed imagery based on the natural landscape of Rothbury, and local folklore.

"Hospitals can be intimidating places", says Claudia "I wanted to create artwork that would be calming and reflective".

On entering the hospital, visitors are greeted by the "Healing Herbs" window which includes drawings made by the children, and examples of medicinal herbs pressed into clay and slumped in glass. The colours and overall design reflect the medieval field patterns that can still be seen in the landscape around Rothbury. As you walk down the corridor the many suspended mirrored panels, sandblasted with patterns of trees, create ever-changing reflections patterns in the roof lights. To enhance patient facilities, 12 unique glass pieces have been made. These were based children's drawings of characters from Northumbrian Folklore. The glass incorporates engraved and kiln-formed interpretations of the drawings. The project was funded by the Arts Council England.